Handheld device Compatible

With the increase in popularity of mobile and handheld devices (iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, etc.), allowing easy access to your website by mobile devices is imperative. The changes in the way that we use the Internet presents fresh challenges and possibilities for web designers as sites must be compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms.

Using responsive design technology, we implement different screen size designs in your website. This makes your website fully designed and available on various mobile devices. An example of this technology is our website. If you re-size your browser window, you will see different design of our website fitting the size of the window. Another method is using your mobile device to visit our website.

Mobiles have become a necessity in our lives and are being used worldwide. Today’s phone set has the capability to browse the web, listen to songs, watch videos or even download any required information. This is the main reason why you should considered rebuilding your websites to make them mobile compatible.

We also offer mobile apps using latest technologies like PhoneGap, linked in the back-end to your website. This provides a mobile application which updates as you are updating your website.